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  • Guide to Forest Valuation in New Zealand

  • This brief guide provides a summary of: Purposes of forest valuation NZ standards & forest consultants Methods of forest valuation Components of forest valuations Read Full Guide (PDF Format)

Forestry, Property Market
  • How much is my tree crop worth?

  • If you are considering selling your forest, you should consider how a potential buyer may view it.   Remember forests are extremely variable, and usually a quick walk around by a potential buyer will NOT be enough to establish the “value” of … Continue reading

Forestry, Property Market
Property Market
  • Forest Land Sales in New Zealand

  • Summary: While land categorised as Exotic Forestry or Vacant Forestry in New Zealand makes up just 0.15% of the total number of non-city sales, it still accounts for over 47,000 hectares in the past two years.  Sales greater than 50 … Continue reading

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  • QAAS

  • CAPI is proud to be the first valuation practice in New Zealand to be accredited by professional standards oversight body Property Institute of New Zealand Inc under its Quality Assurance and Accreditation Scheme.

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Crighton Anderson is accredited by professional standards oversight body Property Institute of
New Zealand Inc under its Quality Assurance and
Accreditation Scheme

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