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Compensation valuation

Acquisition, easements, injurious affection and business loss

Crighton Anderson is widely regarded as a leading specialist valuation firm in the determination of property and business compensation under established valuation principles and provisions of the Public Works Act 1981, which provides the principal statutory provisions. However, statutory authority to acquire land is provided by many Acts for a range of entities, authorities or organisations and our familiarity and expertise in this space allows us to provide expert advice irrespective of the statutory governance.

At Crighton Anderson we have considered injurious affection arising from land acquisitions, easement and right of way acquisition, site rentals, noise and other disturbance in both the development and post development phases associated with transmission lines, roading, pipelines, telecommunication installations, tunnels, irrigation schemes, sub stations and mining. Specifically, work in this area includes:

  • Land acquisition.
  • Easement and right of way acquisition.
  • Forced business closure in an urban environment.
  • Mining operations affected by new infrastructure development.
  • Emissions Trading Scheme impacts on development opportunities.
  • Disturbance in both the development and post-development phases associated with transmission lines, roads, pipelines, telecommunications installations, wind farms, tunnels, irrigation schemes, sub-stations and mining operations.

We have completed wide ranging and intensive assessments for business loss associated with land taken, relocation, or changes to legislation and agreements between parties. In recent times this has extended to legislative changes to lease terms and conditions, forced business closure by new road structures in an urban environment, mining operations affected by new infrastructure development, and development opportunities forgone by the Emissions Trading Scheme.

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